Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top 43 Celebrities Going to Hell Right Now

These are the top of the many celebrity's that will go to Hell Based on there lives of Homosexuality, multi religions and outright adulteress lifestyle. The Choice is theirs to call unto Jesus for salvation but if they continue along this path they will go to Hell. 

 Will Smith has proclaimed himself to be a christian but endorses Scientology to the amount of 100,000 dollars to a Scientology school. A house divided can not stand.
 Tom Cruise has appointed himself as one of the leaders of Scientology. This False religion bares the ultimate price.
 Tina Turner was born into the Christian Faith but has since then left the church on the offense of another. She now clings to the church of Satan in the Buddhist faith.
 Tiger Woods is an established Buddhist based on the teachings of his mother, but the father was a christian in this divided union and has left his family in death to let them fall to Hell. He is in Hell to if there blood is on his hands. Tiger Woods actions are clear to the 20 hookers and porn stars that have visited his motel room.
 Suze Orman the queen of fiance has invested her future in the depths of Hell with a lifestyle of Lesbianism. Her reward will  turn into a debt that can not be paid but by Jesus himself.
 Steven Seagal is a renowned Buddhist
 Steve Jobs the leader in the knowledge of man he has revolutionized this world but he is a Buddhist heart. At his death one thing is clear he will live in the depths of the earth instead of the heights of  his imagination.
All he will know is his decision to miss Jesus in this life.
 Shirley Maclaine pushes the frontier of New Age paving the way to demonic activity along her footsteps. 
Russell Simmons has distributed and promoted the concepts of Hinduism. With all the idols in his life one day he will know that non of them will be able to save him from that day of judgment.
Rosie Odonnell a lesbian queen of gay rights. Her action will drown millions to the lake of fire. Her only salvation is Jesus ability to wash the blood off here hands with his own blood if she would accept it.
Ricky Martin is a Homosexual.
Prince is a Jehovah Witness
Paris Hillton is friends with world but this is clear as the millions of people that do what she does a wedding ring is no were in sight.
Oprah Winfrey praises Jesus but the confusion of new age doctrine might tip the balance against her favor.  
Neil Patrick Harris is hard at work building a homosexual family but has destroyed one of the foundations of a holy lifestyle.
Montel Williams seeks answers from the psychics but he doesn't  know that those answers are from the Devil himself. He has ignored the true answers in the Supernatural Jesus that can tell him the future and lead him directly where he wants him to go.
Michale Jackson and his love for a young child may be hidden in this world but he will face the judgement of the Lord. With no doubt justice will be served.
Marilyn Monroe was on the first issue of Playboy. Fame and fortune are just memories to her in the endless torments that work to destroy her. 
Madonna the Queen of Pop has established her career on her nakedness.
Lindsay Lohan and her disrespect has taken this world by storm in her nakedness.
LeVar Burton supports Shambhala
LaToya Jackson does Pornography
Lady Gaga Has Paved the Way for gay rights
kirstie Alley has embraced the arms of Scientology but she must embrace the truth of Jesus Christ
kim kardashian a real Playboy shoot. She has turned things around in her favor.
Kanye West has committed Adultery with a married woman and this very public relationship is not even wrong but as the millions have done it will land you in Hell. 
John Travolta is a Scientologist and must forsake the false leaders to follow the Lord away from this deception of false religion
Jodie Foster should have stayed in the closet.
Jermaine Jackson trusts in his god Allah but he will see the two horns that god carries.
Janet Jackson may be a Muslim but her choice must be Jesus with no exception  Remember its all or nothing not just one part of Jesus
Hugh Hefner  is a world wide Pornographer. The day this man dies is the day hell fire gets out of control. His work has taken millions to hell by storm. He must destroy his own company and repent to Jesus to enter into the gates of heaven befor he enters the gates of Hell.
Muhammad Ali is a Muslim. He needs to fight against the spiritual wickedness this religion has taken in his life.
George Lucas is a Buddhist. He has placed himself as a puppet of service for the devil and his kingdom. He is Truly on the Dark side.
Elton John is Gay fighting for the rights of gays across the land. how will that give him the right to enter the kingdom of God where there is no sin and no manipulation of sex
Ellen has led the way for homosexual television in every house in America. Here eyes gleam with haughty mockery but who will laugh at her when she receives the judgments of her sins.
Drew-Barrymore was a Playboy model. With great ease she could just turn it around with Jesus.
Christopher Reeve was tragically paralyzed but has pushed the boundaries of medical technologies that kills the innocent babies no matter how small. If there is any blood spilled some one must pay. Its wrong just plain wrong.
Cher is a Buddhist and is the Queen of drag endorsing the lifestyles of the gay community's around the world.  
The Beatles have opened the door for new-age for millions of teens across the world setting the loose to all its unrighteous delusion. 
Anna Nicole Smith, may God have mercy on her soul but she will have to pay for a lifetime of pornographic abominations that have lead millions to there deaths.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made it clear that no wedding is necessary to have a family but this adultery is wrong any way you slice it. 
Adolf Hitler has killed millions of Jews, for this he has earned his part in the lake of fire.
Adam Lambert is Gay on the road of success and that road leads to destruction in the lake of fire.
kurt Cobain committed suicide, he let the devil take his hand and pull the trigger. Don't follow his footsteps they end in Hell fire.

Jesus Paid the Price on the cross repent of your sins and be saved in Jesus name. Only by the Blood of the lamb Jesus Christ is there any escape for this damnation in Hell.
He would save you on the spot.