Monday, September 17, 2012

Mormon Woman in Hell

A Mormon Woman spoke of her near death experiences and she said she died and went into Hell.

This woman's religion was Mormonism and she received a bible from her neighbor who was a baptist. This was the first time in her life that she started reading the bible.  She began to be sick for several months and began to curse God and her family. one day she started bleeding to death at her home when her husband came home from work. She was taken to the hospital.

A mistake was made during her recovery and she  stopped breathing and she saw her spirit leaving her body. She saw the doctors working on her body and she knew that she was dead. As soon as she was in the spirit  She new that her Mormon religion would never save her from Hell.

She said that she was told that when Mormons die they were to become like God and enter the celestial kingdom. They do not believe in a literal hell and in the cross of Jesus Christ. 

Her spirit began to be sucked down into the very pits of Hell. She heard many demons laughing and  saying "we have another one." She herd people screaming in agony. It was Black and dark and flames and a tremendous amount of heat.
Minutes later she was saved by a spirit fill christian physician that listened to the holy spirit and corrected her injury's at the last minute. But she continued to go in and out of  consciousness and night after night she began to go deeper and deeper into hell.

Months earlier one of her close Mormon friends died and when she began to go deeper into hell she saw him there burning in great heat. HE told her "don't make the same mistake i made and follow the Mormon religion."

She saw a bright light in the darkness high above the earth and she went toward that light and saw a huge bright golden burning cross and Jesus stood in front of that cross  bright in his power. She fell at his feet and said "my god my savior forgive me" Jesus spoke these words to her "seek Jesus Christ and the cross leave the Mormon church or the hell that you left will be your eternity.